A Brief Introduction

About Dr.Milner

Private Practice for over 30 years

Feeling overwhelmed with work,marriage, and family?Relationship Conflicts? Currently anxious or depressed? Extramarital issues? Life transition of separation, divorce,retirement, health?

I hope that it reassures you to know that I am a licensed psychologist with a Ph.D. in psychology, and I have been in private practice for over 30 years. My specializations include providing individual counseling for adults, relationship counseling for couples, and business-related consultation.

Are you…

  • Feeling overwhelmed, and often anxious and depressed?
  • Hurt and confused about the conflict in your intimate relationships?
  • Involved in an unhealthy or extramarital relationship and questioning your marital commitment?
  • Highly self critical and frequently questioning your judgement, behavior and feelings?
  • Trying to balance your work, marriage, family life while feeling overwhelmed and frustrated?
  • Feeling “stuck” in various aspects of your life and unclear about what to do now?

If you are grappling with any of these issues, please know that I have worked with hundreds of people over the past 30 years in private practice who were also dealing with these kinds of questions and concerns. This professional experience has given me a strong belief in the resilience of people and their capacity to develop new skills and perspectives that will help them create a more emotionally satisfying life.

I believe that my role as a psychologist is to provide you with a confidential, caring, and professional setting to privately address your concerns.  From the first session, your counseling goals and objectives will guide the counseling process. Our work together will help you build your strengths and resources so you can find real and long-lasting solutions to the issues that concern you.

You don’t have to continue to feel discouraged. Change is possible.

I welcome your confidential email for clarification about your specific concerns or for additional information on the counseling process itself. I look forward to hearing from you and together creating an effective, collaborative, and productive working relationship.

Thank you again for your interest.


Individual counseling service


People commonly seek individual counseling because they: Feel sad, anxious, depressed, and/or fearful Want to cope more effectively with stressful relationship conflicts Are experiencing or recovering from an affair or unhealthy relationship Have self defeating and/or self destructive thoughts and behaviors Want to improve their communication with their significant others Feel guilty about past and/or [...]

Frequently Asked Questons

Such questions as “ What happens in counseling?” and “What am I supposed to talk about?” are very common ones for someone beginning counseling. In many ways, you determine the answers to those questions since counseling is a highly personal, unique and private experience.

The early part of the therapy process will focus on developing a vision and setting goals about what you want to move toward and accomplish through the counseling process. We’ll talk about your strengths and resources, and also discuss the particular patterns, thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors that contribute to and limit your progression toward your goals.

My role in this process is to encourage, guide, and clarify your self-understanding and decision-making. Sessions often conclude with an “assignment” that encourages further thought, reflection and observation outside the office setting.

I do both. Counseling sessions have a defined purpose and structure. For each client, I spend 15-30 minutes prior to each session to review my notes, your goals, current counseling progress, previous assignments, and potential session agenda. We then begin each session with your perspective on current concerns related to your overall goals. Each 60-minute counseling session is very much an interactive process that involves active listening and sharing, clarification, questions, humor, and planned psychological exercises.

This counseling style reflects my core belief, developed over 30 years with many different people, that individuals and couples can learn to resolve complex problems, develop new skills and become more compassionate and accepting toward themselves and others.

I specialize in working with adults, either individually or through couple counseling. Most adults lead complex lives, juggling various aspects of family interests, work demands, relationship needs and self-development. At certain times, any of these areas may generate degrees of stress and confusion and create a physical, emotional or interpersonal imbalance.

My specialty is contributing to an individual’s and couple’s ability to re-establish their own balance and create a more satisfying and emotionally enriching life for themselves. I also work with individuals in business who need short-term consulting to deal with specific issues related to the work setting.

Counseling sessions are always a full 60-minute hour (rather than the more common 45-50-minute hour). Sometimes sessions go beyond that time frame to allow you to complete the counseling work that you’re doing.