Couples seek counseling because they:

  • Are frequently angry with one another
  • Are unable to resolve particular complaints and grievances
  • Feel unable to be heard and respected
  • Are considering separation and/or divorce
  • Are struggling with the aftermath of an extramarital issue
  • Feel distant and alienated from each other

In couple counseling, the focus is on the relationship. A safe counseling environment is provided to meet the overall goal of developing the skills to de-escalate your conflicts and to re-establish a mutually respectful emotional connection in your relationship.

The process is not about assigning “blame” to either partner but rather is about helping to create a new emotional bond whereby you and your partner can feel safe and secure again. Specific issues can then be addressed more effectively, with more compassion and even humor.

During this process, we will examine verbal and nonverbal communication styles that have impacted the feelings of trust in your relationship. We will work to increase your understanding of how to listen and communicate more effectively. In-office counseling exercises and out-of-office assignments are offered to assist you in developing new patterns of sharing and problem solving.

Counseling begins with a 3-session evaluation (one session with the couple together, followed by an individual session with each member). We then develop a counseling treatment plan together to meet your specific individual and relationship needs. We will use this plan to guide the process and ensure that we are striving to meet the goals you have set for yourselves.

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